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7 Reasons To Visit Vietnam

7 Reasons To Visit Vietnam

Vietnam has became one of the most sought-after destinations in Southeast Asia and it is easy to see why.  Preserving its traditional Vietnamese heritage but a modern approach makes Vietnam easy for anyone to adapt too. The country itself is one big strip, North to South, South to North, so your itinerary will not be complicated. Vietnam has exotic areas, historical monuments, chilly scenery and a refreshing coast. Vietnam is somewhere between Thailand’s mass popularity, Laos’s innocence and Cambodia’s tenacity, all into one.

Bustling cities

Hanoi in the North is many peoples favourite city, having a blend of old quarter areas, proud historical spots and a dynamic lifestyle. Hanoi isn’t too big for its own boots, making its just right for backpacker, tourist or expat alike. Head to the capital however, Ho Chinh Minh and you get a more industrial City vibe. More commercial, in your face and a little less beautiful, formerly known as Saigon has some great strips, clubs and national monuments. There’s a buzz about the Vietnam cities that make you wanting to go back for more.

It’s seriously bike mad

Well when a country is rumoured to have more bikes than people you think it’d have to be a little bit of a crazy place. Although statistically not true, bikes are everywhere. The Vietnamese use bikes for all kind of trips and passengers. You will see newborn babies, dogs or even pigs on the back seat! It’s easy to buy, sell and rent bikes in Vietnam and with some amazing routes from top to bottom of the country, you’ll be soon biking it around too no doubt!

Incredibly scenery

Rice terraces? Floating islands? Archipelagos? Sand Dunes? The list goes on in Vietnam. Sapa is chilly but picturesque and great for a bike ride through or a hike through the rows and rows of rice formations. Ever heard of Halong Bay? You should have, this is Vietnams most prestigious point. You’ll float on a boat through the mogotes that is seriously beautiful. Vietnam just has everything and its so beautiful.

Beaches and islands

If you like quieter beaches, Hoi An has one perfect for a bit of coconut sipping and the odd wave diving. If you like it more buzzing, Nha Trang is the place to be for it’s fun vibe that normally escalates to the beach. Sometimes we want to get away from it all, so a few minutes away on a flight or a few hours via boat, Phu Quoc Island is relatively good choice. The beaches are quiet, the hammocks sway gently and you’ll be in holiday mode in no time.

Quality clothing

Vietnam has the notion of affordable and extra quality material goods that other countries in Southeast Asia just don’t have. Especially in the larger cities, design your own footwear whilst pick up Ralph Lauren and other branded t-shirts for cheaper prices yet long lasting quality. Perfect for using clothes while traveling.

Historically important

We all know about the fierce war between Vietnam and the USA which really is still fairly recent in terms of war times. One representation of that, which you can see and experience today are the Qui Chi tunnels that are located across places such as Hue and Hoi Chi Minh. These are clever and regional underground living structures that were used during the Vietnam war. Museums are also very vocal in the images they choose to show, with some distressing but very true examples of the affects of the locals due to toxic weapons. It can get deep but is a testament to the honesty of the country.

Great nightlife and cuisine

Pho is the traveler favourite if not the local favourite too. Vietnamese rolls and other quick, fresh delights just seem to sit with everybody. You can find great choices on the street or in the restaurants in Vietnam, and is right behind Thailand in the best food of the whole Southeast Asia region. The trend of nightclubs and rooftop bars have recently became more frequent in the cities, but to be honest you’ll find a bar or cool place to explore at night in most populated places in Vietnam. Our favourite was the alternative settings of Hoi An.


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