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10 Questions You’ll Get Asked By Friends Who Don’t Travel

10 Questions You’ll Get Asked By Friends Who Don’t Travel

Traveling will always provide the stage for new things to be learnt, experiences to be made and for stories to be told. That’s what makes traveling so beautiful and addictive, is that it is constantly providing us with new knowledge and experiences. We maybe headed to the exotic areas of Latin America or the cultural ways of Southeast Asia; it doesn’t matter where we go, there will always be questions made.

It’s easy to talk about traveling and experiences with other like-minded folk. The conversations will flow, your ideas and tales will be appreciated and you’ll have a deep stronghold within the back-and-forth plethora of words. Yet, what about talking to the people back home, whom haven’t traveled as much? What about the people curious, or not, and find it odd that you traveled far and wide in the first place? Our Facebook’s are the key platform to provide the hints of what is happening through a flurry of heavily filtered photos, but the stories and tales may never be known (unless you become a writer).

To many, travel is still a foreign act and is something that is misunderstood;  Each to their own, but we thought we’d pick out the best questions you’re likely to be asked from non-traveling friends.

How do you meet people?

There is a misunderstanding to why suddenly you may be alone and then suddenly popping up in photos with people. Generally, staying in hostels in the major reasons why it’s easier to meet others. A lot of people go solo and almost have to reach out to others. There is a confidence that brings and it will be easier than you think to knock up a conversation, especially over a beer!

How do you afford it?

Second on the list but probably the most asked question. Many people think you have to be rich to go travel, well a lot of the time that is not the case. Holidays and vacations represent wealth, nice beach, luxurious hotel and everything else to go with. And sure, that can be expensive at times. When it comes to backpacking or long term traveling, most have worked and saved there way to doing things. That may sound hard for someone who is on minimum wage, but if you keep yourself disciplined, save something per week and chose to go to countries where your currency is better, you’ll see you can travel. This is especially easier and more fortunate for traveler earning in countries that have the sterling, dollar (US,CAD,NZ,AUS) or Euro.

How do you know where to go?

A lot of travelers have plans, a lot just go with it. There are such things as guidebooks and online blogs that can help you plan any itinerary. You’ll more than likely hear of a interesting place nearby from traveler or locals. It doesn’t matter what the place is called, its what there is to do there that counts!

Is it safe?

Going into unknown worlds, far-fetched countries or places that are not your typical vacation destination can tend to scare some people. That really depends on where you go and what you do. There are unsafe places in every city in the world, if you don’t want that as part of your trip, stay away. People think Colombia is still the country it once was back in the 80 and 90’s, when next-door Venezuela is far more in turmoil at the moment. People read and remember the bad things in the news more than anything. Doing some research will help you understand if its worth going or not.

What is there to do?

This question can be a little stifling. There are so many outrageous answers you can go with, but there are too many its difficult to know where to start. Seeing a new place? Experiencing a different language? Understanding a new culture? Food? Beaches? Hikes? Biodiversity? Traveling is endless and is about learning something new and being open minded.

Do you work out there?

It is common backpackers can work for accommodation and meals, just to stay still for a while. Savings, dads wallet or credit cards are the usual cases for how people travel. Freelancers have the freedom to work anywhere (one of the best perks with the job).

Don’t you miss home?

I guess this gets asked because some people have the idea that home is always on the mind. Trust me, you hit the road and with everything that is going on in front of you, home sometimes doesn’t get a look in. After time that may pass and many will get home sick, but the travel bug is strong so it can be difficult to miss a life of the past when the travel can be that exhilarating you never want it to stop.

Are you running away from something?

I find this one intruguing. Everyone has their own life and things to deal with. Some people want change and that’s why they chose to leave. Some have always wanted to see something different. It doesn’t necessarily mean you are running away, you just are not bound to one place. This is easy to ask, but really it couldn’t be further away from the truth for many. Travel is just that good.

When are you coming home?

Never mind the adventurous tales you have, the new interests you’ve taken in or the places you’ve been, people want to know when you’re coming home. It is something they can relate to you, they want you back for the times like before and to hear the stories when you’re in their company. It’s a comfort thing, a security thing, knowing your safe and sound.


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